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# Polskie5G will help implement a 5th generation network in Poland

5G ceases to be the discussed idea in Poland, it becomes a reality. A few days ago Orange began testing the 5th generation network in Lublin. Today an agreement was signed regarding the company # Polskie5G.

Paweł Borys, head of the Polish Development Fund, announced on Twitter the start of work:

The signatories of the agreement are representatives of Orange, T-Mobile, Polkomtel, Exatel and the Polish Development Fund. The contract was signed in the presence of the Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski and a representative of the Play network.

Why will the company # Polskie5G be created?

The company's goal will be to build a common 5th generation network infrastructure.

The goal of the joint venture is to ensure nationwide availability of 5G services in selected bands, technology security and low service prices thanks to synergies of common infrastructure. PFR is to be involved in consultancy with possible participation in project financing – says Paweł Borys from PFR, quoted by Telko.

The fragment of the memorandum cited by Rzeczpospolita shows that the signatories of the agreement will cooperate on the implementation of the 5G network based on the 700 MHz band. Its owner would be the aforementioned company # Polskie5G. The State Treasury is to play a dominant role in this entity.

The parties' assumption is that the State Treasury should provide the 700 MHz band and access to passive infrastructure on their own real estate, and private entities passive and active infrastructure (in-kind contribution or long-term leases) and possible financial resources – we read.

What does the creation of the company # Polskie5G mean?

Thanks to the state-owned special purpose company, the 5G network will be implemented under the control of the latter. This applies to both technical aspects and the selection of companies that will implement 5G in Poland – emphasizes Rzeczpospolita.

At the beginning of the term of office of the new Sejm, a special act is to be adopted which will facilitate work on the implementation of the 5th generation network in Poland. Let us remind you that the development of 5G will depend to a large extent on raising electromagnetic radiation (PEM) standards. The Ministry of Digitization itself cannot carry out such changes, which is why it is working on them together with the Ministry of Health.

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