Strange priestly words Eye.


Ks. Dariusz Oko of controversial statements about homosexuals and critical words on gender ideology in Krakow's John Paul II University. This time, the priest spoke about TVP about the Rainbow Thirty, which took place in hundreds of Polish schools. Ks. The eye compared the initiative to sexual deprivation, which he believes is taking place in German schools.

According to the priest, German language learning is like a textbook that is a practice that targets a new public house designed for 15-year-old children, meeting every need with the worst fantasies. "The idea is that 15-year-olds should go to public offices themselves and have to work," he explained. However, it did not provide any information or resources on this information when it came to confirming its thesis.

Internet users do not conceal the indignation of Fr. Eye. "Scary words in the mouth of the priest," "My daughter goes to school in Germany and there are no such lessons," "The priest has to give love to his neighbor instead of hatred" – these are just a few notes that appeared in social media when recording the conversation.


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