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Taco Hemingway and Dawid Podsiadło – crowds of people at the concert

A joint concert of Taco Hemingway and Dawid Podsiadło is a real treat for music fans. We were also present at the National Stadium.

On September 28, Taco Hemingway and Dawid Podsiadło frightened the crowd of fans at the National Stadium. They are the first Polish vocalists who managed a very difficult art. Well, men sold out all available tickets, filling the entire National Stadium from the first to the last place. And we are talking about both those sitting and located on the disc. In total, 50,000 are playing at the Warsaw concert. people. Taco and Podsiadło together are as strong as Beyonce or Depeche Mode. And it looks like we're talking not only about the number of tickets sold.

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Varsovians and visitors play on the record and seating. The majority of the audience are young people who know the lyrics of both Podsiadły and Hemingway well. They are real fans, whose artists are in abundance. No wonder the tickets went faster than fresh rolls, in half an hour.

The atmosphere at the stadium is great. It looks like Taco and Dawid organized the best concert of the year!

It is worth adding that to get to the stadium, you had to show your ID, and your bags and backpacks were thoroughly checked. This is a normal procedure, which, however, is not always strictly followed. However, with such a huge concert, security had to rise to the challenge. She did not disappoint. Fans of the rapper and singer may have been surprised by the meticulous controls, but there were no problems – everyone wanted to get to the place.

Dawid Podsiadło is considered the most popular singer of the young generation. He started in the program "X Factor", in 2013 he released his debut album. Six years later, he has three albums and as many as 12 Fryderyk awards and 18 nominations for this statuette, 3 nominations for the MTV Europe Music Award, 2 Wiktory and many other wins and nominations.

In turn, Taco is considered the most famous Polish rapper. Youth loves him. And not just youth. Recently, even Tomasz Lis has melted over Hemingway's talent. The rapper, whose real name is Filip Tadeusz Szcześniak has recorded four albums so far. He also won 3 Frederic and 10 nominations for this award, he was nominated for MTV Europe Music. Of course, this is only part of the awards he has won.

Judging by the entries appearing on Twitter Thomas Lis, the journalist is also playing at the concert. It is worth recalling that Taco is a partner of Iga Lis, the daughter of a journalist.

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