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Radosław Kobryś from the National Police Chief of Traffic told the IAR that more than 5,000 officials supported the other uniforms and took part in the patrol. Their focus is on increasing the flow of congested routes. Those who know the experience of previous actions also check driver purity, speed limit, and passenger transport.

Like last year, the police launched a new campaign with the Polish Bishops' Conference and the Ecumenical Ecumenical Council of Poland, with the slogan 'Do not kill me – I want to live'. The Christian clergy joins the safe-driving activities that promote prevention. The priests also influence the attitudes of the faithful – reminds the participants of the action. In many cases it is recalled that non-compliance, including acceleration or driving after drinking, endangers the lives and health of other people and is therefore immoral.


Information on accidents and obstacles can be made on the lead radio. phone number 22 513 11 11 and email address: [email protected]. Radio service every hour at the Jedynka radio station, two minutes before the full clock.

It was a difficult day on the Polish roads. On Wednesday, huge traffic jams emerged and many crashes occurred, unfortunately, without fatal accidents. The worst was in Warsaw and its surroundings. Especially for you, we have followed the situation on national roads.


Traffic jams are getting smaller and the drivers are getting more and more relaxed. On the S8 road, the cork from the Bemowo Grota-Roweckiego bridge is small. The ul. The Czerniakowska police blocked the entry on the route.

In Parady, after the driver was found dead by the pedestrian, they were still locked.

There is no obstacle on the S12 Lublin-Chełm road.


It seems the worst behind us. On the S8 route, in the direction of Marek, only one track is blocked and only one car is removed. Cork is now smaller because of Bemowo.

On the A2 Warszawa-Łódź motorway, two cars and a conveyor belt collide, a Łódź line is blocked. The traffic jam is 6 km.

On the other hand, it is in a better position on the A4 route near Krakow. There is no traffic jam in Katowice.


On all exits, there are very big obstacles for drivers leaving Warsaw. Dozens of collisions occurred in the city. In some places the police control traffic.

As Maciej Świstak reported on the Metropolitan Police Station, the jams include Jana Pawła II, Aleje Jerozolimskie, Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920. The police warn that it is very difficult to approach the streets of Budapest. – Every Warsaw stands. There are very big obstacles at all of the capital's exits. The police move in some places, Świstak said.


In Parady, road 74 is blocked continuously. Unfortunately, the lost pedestrian died.

The highway 79, Kalwaria-Kozienice Góra, blocked due to two car crashes. 4 people were injured.


After the crash on the Grota-Roweckiego bridge, cork covers almost the entire S8 route in Warsaw, and cca. 15 km long – the Warsaw branch of the National Roads and Motorways Directorate said.


– A Siekierkowski bridge to Prague has hit a motorcycle transport vehicle. The motorcycle driver died on the spot, told the horses. Marmot. He added that the matter was being investigated. The prosecutor is already working at the accident site.

Traffic restrictions are expected to take 2-3 hours.



On the S6 Gdańsk-Gdynia road, with 33 km of truck dismantling. Gdynia is a 11 km long traffic jam. By the Skarżysko-Kamienna S7 one block is blocked towards Radom.

A serious accident occurred on road No. 17 on Lublin-Chełm-Zamość road. Four cars are seriously injured.

The 74th national road blocked in Parady. The driver violated the pedestrians.


The A4 motorway near Krakow, one lane blocked in the direction of Katowice due to the collision of two conveyors. The cork can be up to 5 kilometers apart.


The broken truck blocks traffic on the Tricity beltway.

The road near the S8 Warsaw and the capital is completely stuck. Embolism begins at the height of the Konotopa node and ends on the bridge Grota-Roweckiego, where 8 cars collided.

The Chocznia National Road 52 and the one in the direction of Krasnystaw are on Route 17.


Between the Łowicz and Łódź-Północ nodes, the A2 motorway towards Poznań, a lane is blocked. According to the GDDKiA report, the difficulty can be about three hours.

At around 16.00 on Wednesday, between the Łowicz and Łódź-Północ junctions, it collided with a lorry and a passenger, and blocked one track in the direction of Poznan – he told the dispatcher at the GDDKiA Road Information Office.

The difficulty of traffic is approx. It takes three hours.


The national road 52 Bielsko-Biała – Wadowice, the cyclist Chocznia was hit. The road is 41 km


National "Week", Płońsk – Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Truck trucks crashed in the village of Michalinko, a traffic lanes to Warsaw.


At the S8 in Warsaw, the Grot-Rowecki bridge crashed 8 cars. Cork towards Bialystok starts in Bemowo, almost 10 km long.


At A4 Kraków-Rzeszów, 3 cars collided between Bierzanów-Targowisko junctions. One thread in the direction of Rzeszów is out of traffic.


At the Gdańsk Łódź crossing, the truck stopped at A1. One belt is blocked.


– Nowy Dwór Gdanski Road 7, towards Elbląg, cork. A few or even a dozen kilometers – the Northern Student for radio executives.


– S8 road, towards Białystok, 494 km, completely blocked. The TIR sits on the rails. There are services and cork is about 4 kilometers long – says one of the participants in the movement on the radio. This section of Warsaw-Wyszków is Trojany. The truck's drift from the ditch. In the direction of Białystok, the police direct a route on the service route.


The DK11 in Rogasztyce still blocks the accident – informs our readers. A 38-year-old woman died in the accident.



Temporary organization of A2 traffic at Modła node. Works related to renovation.



Kmiecin is closed DK7. The fuel pumping operation is in progress with a crash of a lorry and a tanker with aviation fuel


Closed road S8 towards Białystok in the town of Trojany. Pull the truck out of the ditch.




Released in DK46 in Chrząstowice


Transfer to 55 km DK 44 in Oświęcim. The truck hit the cyclists.


DK42: collision of a car with an agricultural tractor in Kamienna village near Namysłów. The police are organizing bicycles



Transfer to road 92 in the village of Topołowa between Sochaczew and Ożarow Maz.


Difficulties in DK11 in Rogaszyce (434 km). A car crash with a truck


Route 8 is open 7 km to Kudowa.


DK52: deduction of pedestrians in Chocznia near Wadowice. The road is disabled


DK46: Blocked in Chrząstowice (109 km), a passenger car crashed into a truck.


DK7: Two trucks collided in Michalinek village between Płońsk and Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Movement towards Warsaw with a single belt



Last year, from 27 October to 2 November, 609 accidents occurred on Polish roads, 53 people were killed and 719 injured. 1800 drunk drivers were detained.

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