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We got to know the official cause of Mac Miller's death. According to information that appeared in the media right after the rapper's departure, he was supposed to overdose drugs. Has this version been confirmed?

Mac Miller died on September 7, 2018. The death of just 26-year-old rapper was a big shock for the world of music and fans of the artist. According to the preliminary information provided by the "TMZ" portal, Malcolm McCormick's body, because it was the real name of the rapper, was found in the San Fernando Valley star's house. At that time drug overdose was administered as the probable cause of Mac Miller's death. Previously, the rapper for years struggled with addiction, which was to intensify after his separation from the singer Ariana Grande.

The official cause of Mac Miller's death

New information appeared on the death of Malcolm McCormick – including the official cause of death. According to the "TMZ" portal, the coroner's report shows that Miller died of an overdose of a mixture of different substances. Before the death, the rapper was supposed to take, among others cocaine and fentanyl. He also consumed alcohol. The coroner classified the rapper's death as "accidental overdose." The dose of each drug adopted by Miller was not fatal, but their combination proved to be tragic.

The circumstances of the 26-year-old's death also came out. According to the police report, which reached "TMZ", Miller was found by his assistant. The rapper was on the bed in a "prayer position" – he was on his knees, his head fallen to his knees. The assistant who found the body described its color as "blue". The artist had a wound on the back of his nose, blood spilled from one of the holes.

An empty alcohol bottle was found on the bedside table, and a prescription drug vial in the bathroom. They were Xanax, oxycodone, hydrocodone and Adderall. In Miller's pocket there was a rolled-up twenty-dollar bill that had traces of white powder on it. On the iPad belonging to the rapper, however, the traces of the same powder were found in a straight line. In addition, the police found two bags with the same substance.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande relationship

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have known each other for a long time. They recorded their first joint song – "The Way" in 2012. The couple started dating in 2016. In December of the same year, Miller and Grande released another joint song – "My Favorite Part".

The couple declared great love, and Miller supported the singer in the most difficult time after her coup, which occurred in 2017 after her concert in Manchester. The association of artists seemed to be very successful, so for many fans both news about their break-up, which reached the media in early May this year, was a shock. Shortly after completing the relationship with Miller – in the same month – Grande began to meet with actor Pet Davidson, with whom she quickly got engaged and split up even faster.

A few days after parting with Ariana Grande, the rapper she met from 2016 under the influence of alcohol caused a car accident in San Fernando Valley, coming down from the scene. At that time, the first accusations about the accident occurred indirectly due to her fault. The rapper's fans claimed that he broke down after parting with the singer, who had a new boyfriend after a few days. It was due to Ariana Grande that Miller's addiction to alcohol and drugs would intensify.

Grande, objecting to blaming her for the poor psychological condition of the 26-year-old rapper, wrote on Twitter that she is "not a nanny" and that no woman should feel this way in relation to the man. "I took care of him and tried to support him in sobriety, I prayed for him for years," she added.

Just a few days ago appeared the latest song Ariany Grande titled "Thank U, Next". In the song, the star sings about relationships with his former partners. Naturally, she also referred to her relationship with McCormick. "I would like to say" thank you "Malcolm, because he was an angel" – sings in "Thank U, Next" Grande.


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