Vordon 7 '' Truck – navigation for truck drivers


Vordon presents navigation created for truck drivers. The 7-inch Vordon 7 '' Truck can also be used by bus drivers or large buses, but truckers will appreciate the features of this device the most.

Vordon 7 '' Truck has been designed for use in large vehicles, exposed to various travel hardships. An LCD screen with a diagonal of 7 inches ensures map readability even when mounted in the cabin of a huge truck. The navigation housing is finished with soft rubber, thanks to which the device fits into the interior of any car and will tolerate shocks or falls. In the Vordon 7 '' Truck navigation memory, a set of maps of the entire Europe with a free lifetime update has been installed. There was also a database of fixed speed cameras.

Navigation has the necessary functions in even the largest vehicles: the system of permissible axle load control and vehicle height control. Knowing the technical parameters of the car, the navigation selects the roads over which viaducts and other obstacles only about a certain height run, as well as bridges with sufficiently large weight limits. This ensures that the vehicle will not get stuck on the route and will not cause damage.

Thanks to the fact that the Vordon 7 '' Truck is fully unlocked, more advanced users can install other navigation systems, such as: AutoMapa, iGO or TomTom.

Truckers will also appreciate the Bluetooth connector, which allows you to use the device as a speakerphone. All you need to do is pair your mobile phone with navigation to receive, call and talk from its level, without taking your hands off the wheel.

The large size of the car is also associated with a special challenge during maneuvers in narrow streets, on the back of warehouses or in difficult weather conditions. The Vordon 7 '' Truck navigation engineers have thought about this by adding a AV-IN socket to the device that allows you to connect a reversing camera. Thanks to this, when the reverse gear is selected, the driver can observe the device on the big screen, which is behind his vehicle. The manufacturer offers several models of reversing cameras – for example 8IRPL and 4SMDPL, or CP-2IN1 with a parking sensor.

Navigation Vordon 7 '' Truck costs PLN 429.


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