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A lawyer reveals that Angelico Vieira betrayed Anita Costa at the time of the accident – The Television

The case of Angelico Vieira seems to have no end. After reviewing the conviction for the accident that fell victim to the actor, the singer's name also returns to court bars, this time because of the process brought by the actor's family to the SIC and some of the actors in the headline Current Criminal program Dear mornings March 2015

A case that goes back to the facts that took place on March 20, 2015. Ma as accused commentator and journalist Hernâni Carvalho, João Magalhães – advocate bracarense from the position of AugusCar, legal car owner run by Angélico Vieira and Cláudia Carvalho – content program coordinator Dear mornings.

At stake is the release of a home video on which you can see Angélico Vieira leading the Ferrari F430 Spider at high speed, the author of the movie was the actor himself. The video came to the team Dear mornings by attorney bracarense, who assured that the video was provided to him by one of Angelico's girlfriends at the time.

Incidentally, the way in which the film went to a lawyer who caused many doubts to the family and is one of the issues raised in the trial, and João Magalhães defended in the Júlia Pinheiro program that "these images appear because Mr. Angélico Vieira did not have not one girl. There are more people who, because of jealousy, which is typical and characteristic of women, can do it. These paintings came to me in the form of an envelope.

The attorney added in court that the video did not reach him directly from the iPad or from the young actor's cell phone, ensuring that "such images were provided by the woman with whom Angelico had a relationship and to whom the video was dedicated," adding that he received the video professionally and "thanks to this lady who was even his friend", which could confirm that Anita Costa – a girl to death – was betrayed by Angelico Vieira.

João Magalhães also explained that the video itself was spreading on the Internet by revealing the film by someone other than him and that the accusation in the trial had lost any meaning because the lawyer accusing Angelico Vieira of irresponsible behavior at the time was attempted at the time. way.

Hernani Carvalho was embarrassed when he sat in the dock in the company of Cláudia Carvalho, but in the absence of Julia Pinheiro – the then director of Content and Luís Maia – a journalist who accompanied the case in the field.

In court, Hernâni Carvalho said that "know who decided [colocar o vídeo no ar] you must call the content director, whose name is Júlia Pinheiro, who was sitting next to me [no programa]. At 8:00 in the morning, there is a pre-program meeting, where is the content manager, or do you think something is happening in the air without authorization from the content director? "

Hernâni Carvalho also told TV 7 Dias exclusively that he did not understand the choice of names for this process, because the application that was forwarded in the program was exactly the same as two years earlier, Instituto Superior Técnico publicly presented. Without compromise, the CIC commentator stresses that he does not know whether the case has been raised with this group of defendants in order to protect others or reach out to a number of people currently tried.

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