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Do you repair mobile phones and tablets on time and with a guarantee?

Our need for communication is inherent in every human being and it is so important that there is balance and inner well-being with us or outside with our family, friends and colleagues.

With technological development, there have been paradigms shifts in which owning a mobile phone has become a fundamental asset for our satisfaction, both personal and professional. And when do i need to repair cell phones or tablets?

Do you repair mobile phones and tablets on time and with a guarantee?

Repair of mobile phones, tablets and Macbooks is the specialty of iServices. Be sure to chat with friends and family, provide up-to-date information on social networks, or even make online purchases, iServices has the ability to fix your problem in record time so you can continue creating good times.

In fact, there are several reasons why we need to repair cell phones or tablets, of which we can highlight the following:

  • 1) Fix the front and rear camera
  • 2) Gateway or loading port
  • 3) Various damage
  • 4) Problems with sound
  • 5) Screen / glass
  • 6) Battery
  • 7) Buttons
  • 8) Sensors
  • 9) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS antennas

1. Repair the front and rear cameras

The camera in a smartphone is one of the most sought after and most important features when choosing a mobile phone as it is sometimes bought as an alternative to the camera and therefore its proper operation is essential.

When the built-in camera stops working, faults can be identified as follows:

  • Flash stops working
  • Blurred photos
  • The camera does not turn on
  • Pictures with red signals
  • The camera is not recognized during video calls

2. Gateway or loading port

The connection port or charging port is one of the components most prone to failure. The phone may not recognize the power adapter, charger or even the headphones. Some gateway issues:

  • The mobile device is not receiving power
  • The phone is not charging
  • Signs of corrosion on the gate
  • No ringing tone during calls
  • Problems with headphones or their input
  • The power supply is not working

Do you repair mobile phones and tablets on time and with a guarantee?

3. Various damage

The various damages can go from many years to the failure of the vibration motor. Water or other liquid damage is one of the most common accidents, so it is recommended that you turn off your phone immediately and visit an iServices store as soon as possible. Some of these damages can be translated as follows:

  • Loose or separate rear window
  • Mute or vibrate mode does not work
  • Vibrating motor stops working
  • The SIM card is not detected or cannot be removed

4. Problems with sound

A smartphone speaker is essential for you to enjoy your favorite music and even know when a call or message is coming. Most common handset failure is due to component exposure, simply by liquid contact. In addition, problems with sound can be identified for the following reasons:

  • Unusual noise
  • Mute notifications or alerts
  • Microphone is not working
  • Cannot hear through headphones or speakers
  • Phone locked in "headset" mode

5. Screen / glass

A broken cell phone screen is one of the most common physical damage to cell phones, as overlooking is enough to break or crack glass. Screen damage is seen when the touch screen stops working or when the image is not displayed properly. In addition, the device may still exhibit display defects as follows.

  • Dark screen
  • Black and white image
  • Degraded image quality
  • Image in pixels
  • Screen with vertical or horizontal lines
  • The picture is distorted
  • Unbalanced touchscreen
  • Screen with stains

Do you repair mobile phones and tablets on time and with a guarantee?

6. Battery

A healthy battery is very important so that you can enjoy your smartphone all day long. There is a high probability that some type of battery problem will affect the performance of the phone, making the phone abnormally hot in some situations. Some problems with the battery appear as follows:

  • The smartphone is slow or not responding
  • The equipment does not turn on or off
  • The device shuts down or restarts unexpectedly
  • Unresponsive applications or system
  • Hardware startup is not performed
  • The phone discharges too quickly
  • Swollen signs of battery

The fact is that all batteries are consumable and have a limited life. Using and charging a mobile phone may change performance. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the battery.

7. Volume and power buttons

In most smartphones, the buttons are similar to each other regardless of the brand or model, thanks to which they provide several functions, unlocking, turning the phone on and off, and volume control functions. These buttons are usually identified as the home button or the home button (fingerprint reader in some cases), power button, volume buttons, and mute button. Some button problems are related to:

  • Cannot be locked or unlocked
  • It is not possible to switch between muted and muted modes
  • The smartphone cannot be turned on or off
  • A screenshot is not possible
  • You have no control over the equipment volume

8. Proximity and light sensors

It is the sensors of the mobile phone that make it possible to take full advantage of various functions, such as applications for monitoring activities, orientation of the mobile phone, and even obtaining various information about the conditions of the surrounding environment. Some of these sensor problems can be related as follows:

  • Unable to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode
  • Put your smartphone down during the call
  • Turn on silent mode during a call
  • Brightness is not adjustable depending on local lighting
  • Device movement and rotation not detected

9. Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS antennas

Cell phones have several antennas that may stop working properly. This is the case with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS antennas, which can get damaged under a variety of circumstances. The most experienced and related antenna difficulties are:

  • Wi-Fi connection problems
  • Problems with Bluetooth signal or pairing with other devices
  • No GPS signal
  • Unable to use navigation applications

In all the cases described above, it is advisable to proceed with the diagnosis and subsequent repair in order to be able to enjoy all the functions of the mobile phone while listening to music or simply capturing the moment with the camera. If you've got phones or tablets to get your hands on, now you know where to get it.


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