Hearthstone celebrates 100 million players • Eurogamer.net


Hearthstone has already reached an impressive 100 million players, and Blizzard will offer you a reward.

Collectible Blizzard card game has become one of the most popular games of this type in the world and you can now log in to the tavern for free cards.

According to the Hearthstone team, if you take part in the game between the hours of November 7 (16 hours in Brasilia) and 11 hours on November 12 (7 hours in Brasilia), you will be entitled to several special prizes.

This event gives you six packs of cards from The Boomsday Project and will present the opportunity to win up to 500 gold.

The player's party is a new mission that gives 100 zlotys, performing the challenge from friends and can be repeated up to five times on the same day – a total of 500 zlotys.

Hearthstone is available for PCs, Macs, iOS and Android.


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