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January Purple, a month of awareness of leprosy NowMSMS

Doctor Alexandre Moretti explains how
start to diagnose and treat this clinical condition

Purple January was created for people to know about leprosy – Disclosure

Did you know about it
Leprosy is considered to be the oldest disease of humanity? This disease
it's so common in Brazil that we're the second largest
they present the diagnosis more, they lose only India.

In order to
to warn the population about early treatment, in 2009 the bill was sanctioned
Federal 12.135, which places the last Sunday of the month of January as the Day
Preventing fights and leprosy.

"Leprosy is a
an infectious disease of chronic evolution manifested by changes in
skin as well as by neurological symptoms such as numbness, tingling and
reduced strength of the hands and feet ", says Moretti dermatologist.

Uploaded by a
Bacillus, the disease presents two types: Multibacillary, when the patient can
disease and Paucibacilar, when they present the disease, but they are not
able to send it.

usually manifested in the skin, where there are spots of different colors; loss
sensitivity and appearance of bumps; initially thermal after
painful and ultimately tactile; Symptoms may also appear on the nerves
such as numbness, ulcers in the plantar area, deformities and
burns in the hands – explains the doctor.

Its pollution
Multibacillary by small secretions that come from the breath and
act of speaking. About 90% of the time of illness does not develop,
contact with the immune system, the Bacillus bacterium is destroyed.

leprosy is very long, it can be from two to seven years
the first symptoms appear and usually takes place only when exposure with use
a long time, such as living in the same house.

According to dr
Moretti, forms of prevention and treatment are given in early diagnosis
especially in the early stages of the disease. "This
identification causes the patient to stop transmitting and having
lower chances of physical disability. The treatment is quite simple,
currently, treatment is based on three effective antibiotics against
leprosy. "

Purple was in January
people become aware of this disease and
your thoughts about who owns it. But it is worth mentioning that we must remember
throughout the year, because only then will it be possible to fight

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