"Mario, imprisoned": the nickname of the Minister of Finance according to PSD


Already called "Ronaldo finances" due to the results achieved on the economic front, and the "supermario", because of the superpowers, that the position of nature gives him. But for the PSD, the pseudonym that best suits the finance minister is "Mário, the kidnapper."

The source of this pseudonym is the criticism that both the PSD and the CDS are repeated regularly against Mário Centeno: that he only managed to achieve the budget goals he is proposing because he suffers from public services and throws prisoners.

Duarte Pacheco, a member of the PSD, started his military operations on Friday in the specialty of the state budget proposal for 2019, dubbing the "crafty document because it proclaims one thing and there is something else".

For example, Social Democrats doubt that the economy will grow by 2.2% over the year, as the government predicts, and recalls that if this target fails, the estimated deficit of 0.2% of GDP will also decline. Nevertheless, PSD believes that Mário Centeno will be able to achieve its goals because, as it has done so far, it will rework the draft budget for 2019. In a fictitious exercise, which only serves to "throw sand into the eyes of the coalition".

"I believe that you achieve your goal, but tell us where to cut it." "Where are the prisoners?" Duarte asked Pacheco, then the pseudonym of the Minister of Finance, "Mário, the kidnapper."

Centeno, who has not yet revealed how much he earns this year, did not answer directly to this question, but in the opening speech he had already foreseen the arguments of the law.

By accusing the PSD of using "desperate arguments", without attaching to the realities of the country, the finance minister stressed that "there are no cuts, no budget program in which expenses will fall". The central administration, the national health service, the train of Portugal, the infrastructure of Portugal, the police judiciary, the Ministry of the Interior, education are all areas in which public investments and expenditures increase significantly, he said.

Block: "It is clear that the government attributes the goal to fulfill another"

Later in the debate, Marian Mortágua confirmed the arguments of the PSD, saying: "it is obvious, everyone noticed that the government assigns the budget target to fulfill another". An important thing, according to the MP, will be to check whether the fiscal measures announced for various sectoral areas will be effectively spent.

The bloc also insisted again on the captured, namely, to know the amounts included in 2018 and the forecast for 2019.

In his response, Mio Centeno assured that 99% of budget expenditure is being implemented, and that with the exception of 2016, when "disruption" occurred, investment levels are being recovered in a "very substantial" way.

Regarding the value of prisoners, he says that this year is worth about 500 million euros, but by 2019 "Unfortunately" still does not have this number today, which would lead João Almeida from CDS / PP to insist on the question: "Tell us: are we going to have another extraordinary year of prisoners so that the deficit will be fulfilled?"


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