Saturday , January 16 2021

Mega police operation against drug trafficking in Guimarães

In the year it is celebrating its 18th anniversary, the Waste Valorisation Center (CVR), a center for technological interfaces located on the UMINHO campus in Guimarães, receives EU funding of more than 500,000 euros, announced today.

The main goal of the CVR.TechRe4C project is to strengthen the laboratory and research capacity of CVR, equipping it with technologically advanced scientific and technical equipment and adapting its infrastructure.

In a statement, the center says it wants to increase the number of services provided and “further” improve the response of current services.

“These investments are of fundamental importance for strengthening the company’s position in the following areas of activity: material, energy and biological valorisation technologies; eco-efficiency and sustainable development of resources and materials; digitization and industry 4.0 and the circular economy, ”says the entity.

By strengthening these areas, the CVR.TechRe4C project “promotes the results of applied research and the development of links and synergies between companies and institutions that develop activities and lead to the development of products and services with significant added value for the market and the environment.”

‘Likewise will be the affirmation and promotion of regional innovation nationally and internationally, as well as the consolidation of research activities in the northern region of Portugal,’ the note reads.

CVR.TechRe4C is funded by the European Union by Portugal 2020 and under the North 2020 program. Of the total eligible amount € 644 861.12 548 131.95 comes from the European Regional Development Fund.

About CVR – Waste Valorisation Center

The CVR – Waste Valorisation Center, in operation for 18 years, is a Technology Interface Center located in Guimarães, on the campus of the University of Minho. At its headquarters, it has 2000 m2 of laboratory space intended for research, scientific analysis and the application of real solutions in the field of waste prevention and recovery. With 85 members mainly from the industry, CVR organizes an international scientific conference “WASTE: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities” every two years, in which over 1,200 participants from 45 countries participated in its 5 editions. Since its inception, CVR has been involved in more than 120 R&D projects representing a funding amount of approximately € 5.2 million.

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