Andreea Bănică and Sofia sing “Christmas carols” together for the first time


Andreea Bănică has already prepared a Christmas gift for her fans! The artist surprises her audience with an extremely emotional collaboration with her daughter Sofia! For the first time, a mother and daughter are perfectly immersed in an extremely unique musical project. As we are in the holiday season, they both launch a sensitive collage containing the most beautiful Christmas carols!

The magic of Christmas is fast approaching, the period has begun when the world begins to be vibrant with joy and enthusiasm. Sprinkled with traditions, warm cakes, decorated with fir trees, the scent of orange and songs of joy, these holidays remind you of the joy of having yourself. This is how Andreea Bănică, together with her daughter Sofia, starts a sensitive collage containing the most beautiful Christmas carols for the first time. This moment is also Sofia’s first step towards music, which she has dreamed of singing with her mother on big stages for several years.

Andreea Bănică and her daughter Sofia sing together for the first time

Andreea and Sofia show the audience that the most beautiful Christmas and the most beautiful carols are with their loved ones, where love is always the purest. The video shows the artist’s special relationship with his daughter Sofia and highlights the strong and beautiful bond that a parent has with his child.

“Sofia and I have wanted to release a song together for a long time. I wish it was a few years ago, but she was small and I didn’t think she was ready. This year I felt it was time, Sofia has been telling me for a while that she wants us to play our own play and we will probably think about it in the future as well. We started with this collage of Christmas carols, which we very much hope that the world will listen to at home, with our loved ones, with loving souls, ”says Andreea.

Over time, the pop diva released singles such as “De nebună”, “Ce vrei de la mine” (feat. Balkan), “Linda”, “Departamento de relations” (feat. Lipiec “(feat. Jorge), which conquered the audience Andreea Bănică also surprised her fans with songs in Spanish or English, including “Samba” and “Love in Brasil”, hits that gathered tens of millions of views on YouTube and were broadcast in Turkey, France, Israel, South Africa, Czech Republic, Croatia. Canada and beyond. Among the successful songs Andreea has released are “Fiesta”, “Sexy”, “In your Absentia” (feat. What’s UP), “Break the Speaker” (feat. Shift), “Same boyfriend” and “Ale, Ale” (feat. Narcotic Sound) The artist also knows how to perfectly combine music and full-time mother’s work thanks to vlogs that she creates on her own YouTube channel.


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