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Ford will provide food with autonomous cars: the pilot project begins in the United States

Published on Wednesday, 14/11/2018 17:36 by Daniel Popescu

Ford partnered with the renowned Walmart reseller to deliver self-service food to customers' homes.

Large car manufacturers continue to develop autonomous cars by launching pilot projects with various organizations.

The latest example is offered this week by Ford, which announced the signing of a partnership agreement with a Walmart retailer to deliver food to their clients' home.

The American manufacturer will use several models for this service and will modify them to provide optimal conditions for maintaining the freshness of food. Ford will also simulate various scenarios, including many deliveries during one trip or experience that the customer has at the time of picking up the package from an independent car.

In each autonomous car, however, there will also be a driver who will intervene immediately if necessary.

The plan of Ford and Walmart assumes that the self-service food delivery option will be available in 800 stores in 100 US cities by the end of this year, before the number will undermine next year.

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