GREAT GENERAL in the metro on Tuesday or Wednesday. Motion …


Metrorex employees took part in a two-hour strike on Thursday morning, the main complaints concern wages, as they require a 40% increase in wages. The Minister of Transport, Lucian Şova, described the negotiations with trade unionists as "blackmail", saying that if such a rise in wages was accepted, the price of a ticket for a subway ride would increase from 2.5 to 4 lei, If the parties do not reach an agreement, the trade unions announce that a general strike in the subway will take place next week.

Trade unions announced that if they did not receive positive responses to payroll claims from Metrorex, a general strike would follow a strike that could affect 700,000 passengers.

"Yes, (decided, no) continuation of operation, it may not be even Monday, but Tuesday or Wednesday, because we have to take into account a minimum of 48 hours of work and we have taken into account, but if we have a continuous fire, I was easy 48 hours for months. It seems that the legal interpretation … does not matter the type of individual, but according to a week's work. Probably (strike, number) between 4:00 and 16:00 We decided today, we decided, after the warning strike ended. We will inform the public opinion On what days, depending on our mobilization, the decision was made, "said Ion Rădoi, chairman of the Free Association Metro, MEDIAFAX.

"After all the steps we did not enter into a collective employment contract in 2018, 2019. Yesterday we were about to understand, but Minister Lucian Sova intervened to resolve this conflict, a general strike," said Ion Rădoi, leader of the USLM.

Trade unionists demanded a 42 percent increase in Metrorex payroll, but they offered 18 percent by refusing to agree.

On the other hand, transport minister Lucian Sova said on Wednesday that the strike is not "for the well-being of Metrorex employees, this strike is for the preservation of the privileges that buyers in metro stations have over 15 years".

He said collective bargaining began a few months ago, and "the main, inalienable claim was a wage increase of 42%" because in each of four years.

He claimed that the monthly average gross salary is variable in Metrorex, which is 7,300 lei for technical staff, 8,000 lei for mechanics and 5,300 lei for people working at night, adding that in addition to earnings Metrorex employees have "benefits" such as 12-day meal coupons, settlement of 75% of the rest tickets, settlement of 50% of travel costs by rail and road, 99% discount at a hotel in Busteni, which is a union allowed by CFR.

Lucian Sova described talks with underground trade unionists as "blackmail", not negotiations, announcing that if the Metrorex administration agrees with the 42-percent increase in earnings demanded by trade unionists, the price of travel in the metro will increase from 2.5 lei to 4 lei.


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