He made his debut with the cross version of the compact!


The Focus Active can withstand the Blue Oval crossover family.

We are talking about the crossover version of the Focus and Focus cars, which has an older recipe: the implementation of elements of the SUV world on hatchbacks and breaks. In addition to black ornaments, Focus Active also has a discreetly raised cover, modified undercarriage and a few special features.

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Specific aesthetics include black plastic finishes with matte finish applied to bumpers, window sills and bumpers. The window frame and longitudinal rods on the roof are also finished in black. Bumpers and window sills combine an additional decoration imitating aluminum. Focus Active Wagon has 30 millimeters more on the front axle and 34 millimeters higher on the rear axle. The same changes are also used in Focus Active in the hatchback version.

The interior has a leather steering wheel, wiper nut and parking brake lever made of the same material, as well as shiny decorations on the dashboard and on the door surface. The specific upholstery is sewn with a blue thread and the front seats have more spacious pillows. The interior package is completed with a set of special mats.

The most exciting part of Focus Active is the independent suspension of the SLA rear suspension, which includes springs, shock absorbers, stabilizers and geometry that differ from standard models. The SLA abbreviation, short-arm, refers to the asymmetrical suspension arms to ensure a balance between comfort and sportiness, as well as better bumper strength and reduced comfort.

At the same time, Focus Active models received two additional driving modes, Śliska and Szlak, which should change the response of the traction control system to surfaces covered with mud, ice, sand and snow.

The range of engines includes two three-cylinder EcoBoost units and two EcoBlue diesel engines. Customers can buy the 1.0 EcoBoost engine with 125 or 150 hp, respectively 1.5 liters and 120 liters or 2.0 liters and 150 liters for Focus Active. All-wheel drive is not available in this range, but there is an eight-speed automatic transmission for most versions or a six-speed manual transmission.


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