I'm trying to negotiate. Introduce PSD to betray national interests


European Commissioner Corina Cretu is disappointed with the attacks on PSD, "the Party devoted to 30 years of age" and adds that "it will be all" at a hearing in which his party, Codrin Ştefănescu, Deputy Secretary-General, to show how he "betrays "national interests.

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Commissioner Corina Cretu is disappointed with PSD PHOTO: Facebook attacks

"Unfortunately, it was worse than I could ever imagine – he says Corina Cretu, a post at the Facebook.

"I can not hide that I have a great impact on the party invited for the 30th anniversary." "I am very sad, I thank everyone for their support and support because I thank all the media organizations for objectivity, despite the fact that they have received incredible amounts from government ministries to refuse those who do not align themselves with the party's policies A party , which we believed and hoped to improve people's lives. Unfortunately, it was worse than I imagined.
This time, I am going through a process in which my party, Mr Ştefănescu, shows me and the public that I will betray Romania's national interests. " Corina Cretu.

The European Commission continued on Friday with controversial discussions with the Bucharest authorities and party colleagues, noting that, after saying that a $ 2.8 million feasibility study for regional hospitals, according to the Romanian authorities, no more than 250 were attacked.

PSR Deputy Secretary-General Codrin Ştefănescu launched an attack on Commissioner Corina Creţu Thursday night, stating that "he is not currently representing the Romanian interests" and no pro-PSD position. Stefanescu also said that the European official is now under the control of interest groups in Brussels.

"I have never mentioned this and do not represent the PSD's official position. Corina Cretu is no longer pro-PSD, rather pro-Brussels. Corina Cretu is not currently representing Romania's interest in building regional hospitals at 10 times lower cost. It represents the interests of Brussels, "Codrin Ştefănescu told Antena 3.


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