Sony Aibo. An intelligent dog that you will love


Intelligent puppy Sony Aibo

Sony Aibo is an intelligent puppy developed by the Japanese, and today it was first presented in Romania by those from Orange and Sony, and from the first bark you will fall in love with a lovely robot. We're talking about a dog robot that works based on artificial intelligence, and who thinks that it's clinging to his master's life, that is, he learns to behave in order to know how to react when interacting with him.

Although it is a robot that moves like a robot, Sony Aibo is supposed to imitate the movements of a real dog, but also its sounds, to some extent, and how it reacts when you put it on, you love it. Sony Aibo has a nose-integrated camera and one more close to the tail, which can make a 360-degree map of the room in which it is located, but also the home in which it is located, and will be able to move around it, including sitting next to the cargo .

Sony Aibo. An intelligent dog that you will love

Intelligent dog Sony Aibo 1

I said that Sony Aibo is an intelligent puppy, and this intelligence allows him to recognize up to 100 people, thanks to the camera of the nose, work on voice commands and ignore when in the mood. Each Sony Aibo puppy has a personality and can be more fun or mature, depending on how you interact with it, but just like a child, it will ignore if more people are around and pay attention to it. , also knowing that you will ask for it when appropriate.

Sony Aibo smart puppy 3

Sony Aibo is a puppy you need to grow, as if you were doing it with a real one, being a perfect companion for your home, especially because it can monitor video with a dedicated application that allows you to control. So far, Sony Aibo is not sold in Romania by Sony or Orange, but it will probably happen at the same time, but its price of almost 3000 USD can be quite high even for enthusiasts.


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