#Teleormanleaks. Dragnea, tanning in Brazil


Journalists of the Rise Project have announced that they have trouble with "essential information within Tel Drum, which DNA prosecutors did not have access to when they physically searched the company headquarters last year." They claim that the suitcase was found in the rural area of ​​Teleorman, an indigenous, even owned by him.

The Rise Project has provided some examples of images and information, such as a photo from Liviu Dragnea, Brazil, or a letter to the leader of the PSD, Tel Drum Petre Pitiş, CEO.

Digi 24 interviewed, if you are sure of the credibility of the information, Ana Poenariu, journalist Rise Project, said: "It is clear that our data also showed that documents were soon hidden in DNS research, Tel. Way in the summer of 2017 Thousands of financial documents, over 14,000 photos and video clips. "
The journalist also said that Liviu Dragnea was from documents held by the Rise Project.


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