The Cenacle of Flacar returned to the Palace Hall


One of the artists who appeared on the stage in the Palace Palace, Ducu Bertzi, told us that the atmosphere during the performance was extraordinary. The whole audience performed at the same time as the translators.

It seemed that the audience did not want the concert to end, and every translator asked him for it. This made the exhibition take no more than eight hours.

"I was singing at one o'clock in the morning. I came an hour later than the original program, "Ducu Bertzi told us.

He also noted that many young people know the songs started in Cenalc tens of years ago. Showing that the parents told their children what music and atmosphere Cenac played in the 70s and 80s of the twentieth century.

From thousands of cheeks, Craiova's "Oltenia, eternal Terra-Nova". The text was written by Adrian Paunescu. It was one of the moments with a great emotional load. This time, in the memory of the one who left us recently, Ilie Balaci.

Evandro Rossetti, Radu Gheorghe and Mircea Vintilă. Cosma Rare, Turtle and Lamb


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