Ubisoft introduces Immortal Fenyx Rising, a video game created by Romanians


Ubisoft, one of the entertainment industry leaders, launches Immortals Fenyx Rising, a new open-world video game that combines elements of action, conflict, and story inspired by Greek mythology.

Ubisoft Bucharest has developed aspects that affect the entire gameplay, from gameplay mechanics, characters and skills, combat systems, to the Typhon antagonist and game world elements such as water.

The story of the game is inspired by mythology

Immortals Fenyx Rising is Fenyx, a winged demigod whose mission is to save the gods of ancient Greece from a dark destiny.

Fenyx's immortal growth

Using special abilities, he fights against a number of mythological creatures, such as the minotaur, Cyclops or Cerberus – the famous three-headed dog, but also against other enemies, including Typhon, one of the most powerful titans in Greek mythology.

Immortals Fenyx Rising introduces a title with a particular artistic style and a story with a lot of humor told by two narrators: Zeus and Prometheus to the Ubisoft portfolio.

Fenyx's immortal growth

The game experience is also enriched with logical problems that players have to solve.

A studio in Bucharest was involved in the development of the game

All these negative characters were brought to life with the help of a development team from Romania who worked on animations, skills, but also the combat system.

The studio in Bucharest contributed both to the implementation of the mechanics of deciphering puzzles and to some special abilities of the main character.

As players progress, they will be able to strengthen Fenyx and thus continue their progress in the latest Ubisoft production.

More than 70 specialists from a local studio took care of the quality of the game, who tested the functionality on current consoles, but also on new generation consoles.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is partially developed by Ubisoft Bucharest together with Ubisoft studios in Quebec, Montreal, Singapore, Chengdu, Montpellier, Kiev, Shanghai and Pune.

The game will debut on December 3 on Xbox Series X platforms | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

More information on Immortals Fenyx Rising is available on the Ubisoft website.


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