What set Dragnea and his lieutenants before CEx. The list of sanctions is ready


Total War in PSD

Total War in PSD

Some of the PSD county leaders expressed in the debate with Liviu Dragnea in the Parliament, on sanctions in the ECHR on Monday for Vice-President Adrian Ţuţuian and Secretary General Marian Neacşu, which may even lead to exclusion.

Also, Dragnei's talks with some of the PSD leaders suggested that in CExN you could also apply a form of sanctions to PSD Călăraşi, Ciprian Pandea, president of the PSD County organization, and the president of PSA Caraş-Severin, Ion Mocioalca, said on Sunday for Mediafax, source in party.

In the case of Ţuţuianu and Neacşu, the participants of the parliamentary discussions went to the party, whereas in the case of Pandea and Mocioalcă, the proposals aimed at changing them from the leadership of the poviat organizations that lead, but remain party members, quoted sources.

First news

Liviu Dragnea today called on the lieutenants before the National Executive Committee. Liviu Dragnea had a meeting with several PSD leaders in his cabinet at the Chamber of Deputies, according to sources from the leadership of the PSD. On Monday, noon, the Social Democrats meet for a long-awaited meeting at which Dragnea hopes to get rid of the participants. They told the PSD leader that they would give up the block if any of them were proposed to be excluded from the party. It would mean that Liviu Dragnea could leave without the majority in the parliament.

"There has never been such a thing in the history of the party that never happens." It's stupid and I prayed to those who send such information to sources, perhaps to our colleagues, disappoint, we will have serious, masculine, used discussion and we will take some decisions, it is very clear, "- said Codrin Ştefănescu in the television station.

The Social Democrat ignores the latest story. In June, the PSD voted in Parliament against its own government, led by Sorin Grindeanu. However, sources from the opposition group have told us that they are not considering voting in opposition to the dismissal of the Dăncilă government.

But what Liviu Dragnea did was that if he tried to rule out any PSD, they would give up the block and leave him without a majority in the Parliament.

The PSD leaders say that Liviu Dragnea wanted to get rid of his party opponents at this meeting. On the list: Marian Neacsu, Adrian Ţuţuianu and Gabriela Firea. All three signed a letter in which they demanded the departure of Dragnea. Prior to the meeting of the National Executive Committee, Liviu Dragnea met her close relatives.


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