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Abandoned daughter Olga Zarubina runs along the corridor :: Show business :: Dni.ru

The singer and actress became the protagonist of the new version of The Secret on a Million in NTV. Olga Zarubina decided to talk honestly with TV presenter Leroy Kudryavtseva.

The actress raised her personal matter
themes and for the first time revealed the secrets to their viewers
family. Olga Zarubina confessed why many years ago she left her daughter, Kira, born in a marriage with Alexander Malinin,
sends NTV.

In addition, Olga Zarubina made an important one
A statement that her heiress is married in the United States. The singer presented his future son-in-law and also told how 34-year-old Cyrus lives in America
and what he earns.

Zarubina complained during the transmission that she had recently had to
they often do not communicate with their daughter because their relationship has only deteriorated in recent years. Soviet pop star
he believes that Kira had a grudge against her.

Also in the upcoming issue of "The Secret
a million "Olga Zarubina admitted why she considers her unloved child,
and he decided to remember what sort of persecution she had to endure from her stepfather.
The next issue of the TV program Lera Kudryavtseva will be released on June 15 at 17:00.

Attention, the daughter of the singer and Olga Zarubina during her life wanted to build a relationship with her father
and even met him in 2010. However, Alexander Malinin
Kira was indifferent and did not express any willingness to support him
with his contact he reports the Fifth Channel.

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