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Agapitova on sexual games of children in the "Rakieta" camp – video

The shocking story took place in the "Rakieta" children's camp near Vyborg in the Leningrad region. Examination of the ombudsman of children's Svetlana Agapitova showed that boys aged 9-10 years in one of the branches had sex games and the administration was aware of that. In an interview for 5-tv.ru, the children's rights advocate in St. Petersburg told about the details of this scandalous case.

Agapitova explains that 230 children are resting in the "Rocket" on social permits. Probably due to the high concentration of students, it was impossible to organize a proper educational process.

"Unfortunately, in this camp, it turned out that quite small nine-year-old boys had non-traditional sexual entertainment. The counselor discovered all of this by entering the room. "– says Agapitova.

The story turned out to be shocking, but the reaction of the camp administration was amazing.

"I was amazed that the camp's leadership decided to put a stop to this situation, to say nothing to anyone, although the explanatory ones were basically written"– determines the Ombudsman.

Svetlana Agapitova added that the administration should send a message to the investigating authorities.

"Children must understand and realize that such things can not be done. If there are any anomalies that are basically most likely (true) for one of the boys who initiated it all – he will certainly have to undergo treatment and research. "– determines Agapitova.

Now the boy who arranged the sex game is transferred to his parents. The children he was influenced by remain in the camp, the "Rocket" leadership promised to involve psychologists in their rehabilitation. In conclusion, the Defender explained that the agency must now work and control, including the place of residence of the initiator's parents.

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