Another epidemic of measles is registered in the private kindergarten "Wunderkind" in Makhachkala


Another epidemic of measles is registered at the Children's Care, Care and Development Center in Makhachkala, the Ministry of Health of the Republic said RIA Dagestan.

From 2 to 31 October, 14 people were hospitalized with suspected virus infection, including 12 children. Among the patients, 11 children aged 2 to 4 years are students of the center, this time on Aiwazowskiego, 2 "b". After contact with the patient, one child and two adults found the virus at home. It should be noted that all those infected were not vaccinated against measles.

This is not the first case of an epidemic of measles in this educational center – in 2017. Seven children have been infected with a viral disease. What has happened has not become a lesson in the management of the private center, which has not yet taken action to prevent new cases of illness. In the "Wunderkind" educational center, both children have enrolled and are still enrolling children who have not received vaccinations and no medical records are required.

This situation, according to the Ministry of Health of Dagestan, is observed in all private educational institutions. One of the last cases was a private kindergarten "paradise birds" in Makhachkala, where five children got measles this year.

The incidence of measles in Dagestan this year compared to 2017 has increased more than fourfold. Currently in Dagestan, a temporary ban was imposed on the admission of children to educational institutions whose parents refused to vaccinate against measles and mumps. Also in connection with the situation in hospitals, the planned hospitalization of unvaccinated children is forbidden.


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