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Critics praised the "Guardians" but didn't really understand the idea behind the series

The network began to appear reviews about the new series of superheroes HBO "caregivers". Its premiere will not take place until October 20, 2019, but reviewers were shown six episodes of the first season of nine. And although the series has very high ratings, critics say it is only the final that will determine if the game was worth the candle.

Damon Lindelof ("Keepers")To stay alive' "Abandoned") Based on the comic by Alana Moore & # 39; a. But if in the original the action takes place in the 80s, then in the series we see our days. Alternatively in 2019, there is no internet or smartphones, and Robert Redford sits in the Oval Office.

Regina King, an Oscar winner, plays Angela Abar, a police officer investigating the terrorist gang in the new Rorschach. At the same time, suprematist terrorists are mostly white, and police are mostly black and wear masks in service.

Critics note that a series of characters from the original comic and characters 'constructed' of them appear in the series. But at the same time no one bothered to explain who they were and what was actually happening. Therefore, before watching the series, you should refresh your memory by reading at least a summary of the comics or "Wikipedia".

Ambiguous reviewers have also reacted to the confrontation with "good blacks" and "bad whites", which translates into a clash of police force and indulgence with the weakness of "terrorists". Some blame the creator for trying to discuss too many topics, which is why the story loses focus. And there are doubts that in the last three hours you will be able to complete all the stories correctly.

The average result of the series on the aggregate Metakrytyczny – 81. Absolutely all reviewers considered the "Guardians" a spectacular project in which every scene is important and the actors deal with a bang.

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