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Full moon July 17: what to do and what to stop News

On Wednesday, July 17 at 0:38 Moscow time, the full moon follows, which will coincide with the lunar eclipse.

During this time, carry out special rituals, read conspiracies that often meet. The full moon has special energy, so you need to know what is best to do this day and what should be abandoned.

The eclipse corridor can change biorhythms in the human body, so you should pay attention to your health, eat more healthy food, vegetables and fruits. In the full moon, sudden mood changes are possible – fear can change euphoria. Astrologers advise more rest.

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But what you should not do at this time is to put things in order, meet with unfortunates. There is too much risk that a small conflict will turn into a global quarrel. The solution to important problems, especially controversial, is better left to the rising moon.

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