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Sony has twice lowered the price of PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 entered the market at the end of 2013, when everyone had the opportunity to buy it. Almost six years have passed since then, but during this period the console has hardly fallen at all, so many people still can not afford to buy it. Of course, this should not be so, because the cost of this gaming device is reduced annually, because all the components that can be found in it are very outdated. However, the Japanese corporation shows maximum greed, earning as much money as possible.

Due to the fact that the console is already obsolete, and before the appearance of a new year and a half ago, tens of millions of people around the world do not see the point in buying Sony PlayStation 4, because it costs too much spent console to sell over six years ago. Therefore, from the beginning of 2019, the demand for PS4 from the buyers' side is falling, that is, fewer and fewer people want to buy such a console for themselves, and its purchase is unprofitable for several reasons.

Because this game console should remain current at least until mid-2021, and according to official data, Sony will soon lower the price of PlayStation 4 twice, making the console much cheaper and more accessible than ever before. This information was provided by the well-known industry analyst Michael Pakter. According to him, the game console in the summer of this year will fall in price, so anyone who wants it can afford it. If you are now asking for 349 – 399 USD on PS4, depending on the store and country of purchase, you will soon have to pay only 199 USD.

From this it follows that the gaming console will cost customers only 13,000 rubles, and this is a very modest amount of money according to modern standards. According to the expert, this is the only way a manufacturer can keep the demand for Sony PlayStation 4 until the next-generation console is on the market. It is argued that if in the coming months the Japanese corporation does not take such a step, its products will look much less interesting on the background of Nintendo and Microsoft (Xbox) and therefore the expert is convinced that PS4 will double the costs soon.

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