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The alternative Toyota Camry praised the blogger: AvtoMedia: VladTime

According to the expert, "Japanese" for 850,000 rubles is a great replacement for Camry.

Popular blogger Anton Vorotnikov decided to organize a small test drive for Toyota Venza – a car that he considers the most underrated model of the Japanese brand in Russia. At first glance, the inspector thought the car was perfect and said he could not name any objective reasons why Venza did not "blow up" the domestic car market.

"It's more convenient than the Toyota Camry, more in the cab than the RAV4, the all-wheel drive is the same" – admits the driver, emphasizing that the components and components of Toyota Venza are the same as in the most popular crossover brands. At the same time, the cost of a car, even a new one, is significantly lower than the premium cost of a Camry or off-road Highlander, which can also be attributed to its major advantages.

Blogger really does not understand why there are so few such models in big cities. On the "secondary housing" they are asked for 850,000 rubles for a car in a more or less decent condition, while for a conditional 1.3-1.5 million rubles you can buy Toyota Venza in "ideal" and maximum configuration: "Correctly car, without unnecessary additions and pathos. Spacious, smooth, reliable.

Toyota Venza has some drawbacks, but all of them are not too serious, and at the same time have something to do with colleagues from the range of models. The car had poor acoustic insulation from the Toyota Camry and from the side rungs of Ravchik exposed to sandblasting: "Otherwise, this car is perfect, a solid 5 points. Optimal Toyota up to one million rubles. "

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