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Yakutia starts its own fuel production due to high prices and low quality products from the nation's gas stations. About this RIA Novosti was reported by the leader of the region, Aisen Nikolaev.

According to him, as there are no vertically integrated oil companies in petrol stations in Yakutia (for example, Lukoil or Gazprom Neft – approx. ""), the authorities of the republic have independently regulated the margin of maneuver. Thus, gasoline wholesale prices increase in 8-9 rubles, emphasizes Nikolaev, retail prices for Yakut petrol stations less than 5 rubles.

"As a result, the issue of fuel production that meets the republic needs will be put on the agenda again. I have given instructions on specific areas for handling the issue and are now implementing them," he added.

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15:01October 29

Nikolayev also commented on the statement by Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on his television program "Vesti Saturday" on November 3 that he had problems with Yakutia's fuel quality. The head of the region acknowledged that Yakut's petrol station "sometimes leaves much to be desired", but stressed that this is under the responsibility of the federal supervisory authorities.

On October 31, Kozak, who supervised the fuel and energy complex, held a meeting with representatives of petroleum companies, which agreed to freeze wholesale fuel prices at the end of this year at the end of this year. According to the government's plan, this results in lower retail prices. The authorities also said that oil companies agreed not to raise inflation over the next year.

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