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Topalov wise? Todorenko may be an egg donor for Lazarev


It seems like Regina, Sergey and Vlad are trying to hide a terrible secret, but everything becomes obvious.

Recently, Sergei Lazarev admitted that in addition to his son, he has a one-year-old daughter. It turned out that the children are very similar, but this is not surprising, because they have one father and, according to Sergei, one biological mother. Strangely enough, it seems that the singer's children are similar to the son of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov.

Obvious external similarities between the children of Lazarev and the son of Todorenko and Topalov suggest that Regina may be an egg donor for Sergei. But why does a girl need it? Regina probably had a reason for this because he is Lazariev's best friend and no doubt wants his happiness. And this does not seem strange, because the surrogate mother carried children, and all that the woman required was a few eggs. In addition, taking balls from Regina, Sergei could not worry about privacy, because he has been friends with Vlad for many years and has a warm relationship with Todorenko.

Probably Sergei will still benefit from Regina's help because he wants to be a father with many children. It is possible that it even benefited from the friendship of Lazarev and Topalov, because now they share a terrible secret. Perhaps one day the singer will talk about how his children were born.

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