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Two ways, two paths: why did Angelica Varum come to terms with rumors of treason by Leonid Agutin

Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin

Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin // Photos: Legion-media

It is known that every name has a definite effect on the fate of a person. "Angelica is an amazing person, she loves to be the center of attention, you can read it in the name translator. All these descriptions perfectly match the character of Angelika Varum.

After birth, the parents called the girl Mary, and her grandmother called her the beloved granddaughter "angel". The name of the scene came to her from childhood.

Masha was born in Lviv. The girl's father, Yuri Varum, soon became a well-known producer and built a successful career.

The parents of the future star considered it their duty to provide the daughter with a good education and did not put pressure on her to choose the cause of life. Yuri himself taught music for a little girl, believing that mass education would not be able to develop her skills just as he would. Maria mastered the vocals and played the instrument at home.

The name of the scene came to her from childhood

The name of the scene came to her from childhood // Photos: Legion-media

She began to give concerts as a student. At the age of nineteen, a decision was made to seriously start a solo career. However, earlier the girl did not pass the entrance examinations to the school of Szczukin. She came to the studio to Yuri Varum. The invaluable experience of singing foundations in the future will help her hang herself freely on the stage.

In 1991, the novice "Good Bye, My Boy" was released, and then La-la-fa and Autumn Jazz appeared. Showbiz has learned the new name. Angelica started singing all over the country.

The dream of the scene with Angelica Varum also came true. In 1997, she played in the play "Pose of a Emigrant" and won the "The Seagull" award. Varum appeared on stage with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Lyudmila Gurchenko and Evgenia Simonova.

Soon, not only her professional but also her personal life will be organized. A singer with an angelic name and a miniature character will meet her second husband.

The fact is that before meeting with Leonid Agutin, Angelica was the wife of her Maxim Nikitin classmate for a long time. The future star was waiting for Maxim to service the fleet. Despite their parents' protests, they got married. The couple have been together for over ten years.

Angelica quickly gained the love of the audience

Angelica quickly gained the love of the audience // Photos: Legion-media

A man came to Moscow after his wife, he started working as a porthole at her concerts. However, in a new place they quickly began to diverge, and as a result they scattered.

Angelica was waiting for new, very clear relationships, which would initially turn into a creative and then a family union.

"But nobody will see it. But no one will know. Who? Who is her secret? Here are the words of the song "Queen", which Agutin showed Angelica and her father. He proposed recording a duet with Angelica and received a positive response. As soon as they appeared on the stage for the first time, rumors started about the novels of Agutin and Varum. There was no denial.

Soon Agutin realized that he really fell in love with Angelica. The singer replied in return. But the man received permission to marry only a year after the birth of their daughter Lisa.

The hard schedule of the concerts did not let the spouses spend much time with the child. It was decided to send Lisa to Pope Angelica in the United States. There, the man settled with a new family. Grandfather took over responsibility for bringing up his granddaughter. The daughter of Russian stars from a young age lived in Miami and there she was educated.

Angelica and Leonid often did not see a child. As Angelica said, during puberty with Liza they had problems. She had to rebuild the relationship with her daughter. With time, they managed to understand, the world triumphed.

"Our child is a genius!" – this attitude towards Liza led to some problems. We have a star on the perimeter of the house: "There will be no!" I realized that one day it might be too late and I mastered the situation. I had to be Cerberus. And she fought alone because of Leni, Lisa also knew how to make a string – said the singer.

In 2011, Varum and Agutin almost fell apart. Participants of the festival in Jurmala celebrated their end, alcohol flowed like water. Angelica went to rest in the room, and Leonid stayed with his friends.

After some time, a video appeared on the Internet, in which Leonid Agutin kisses a certain brunette. The singer did not remember anything about it, and what happened was completely erased from his memory.

Angelica has her own vision of marriage, loyalty and betrayal

Angelica has her own vision of marriage, loyalty and betrayal // Photos: Legion-media

Angelica told her windy husband everything she thinks about, collects things and goes away. Soon they did not make peace. The story turned out to be very painful and unpleasant for Agutin's wife.

Last year, fans discussed the rumor about the fall of a couple star due to Leonid Agutin's hobby at his department in the Elina Chaga program.

In the picture from the restaurant, Leonid Agutin leaned too close to Elina. A sad poem on the personal side of his wife only confirmed fans in the opinion of Agutin and Chaga. "I am leaving forever, collecting things: May evening and the first drops of rain. Tenderness, a passion that I take so that the soul does not lose. I'm getting my own, leaving when I'm leaving, "wrote Angelica Varum. ⠀

In 2011, Varum and Agutin almost fell apart

In 2011, Varum and Agutin almost fell apart // Photos: Legion-media

The singer categorically denied the accusations and even wrote an official denial in the microblog.

In the relationship between Angelika and Leonid, there were several crises, but the couple managed to save the family. Angelica always had a special vision of marriage, a personal opinion about loyalty and betrayal.

"Every woman who turns a man at home must understand that a man is not a subject. It's a cat that walks by itself, and that's its charm. And if you want him to be cordial, he respects his freedom, "he shares.

Angelica is sure that women always have a choice: stay with their loved ones and forgive betrayal or not.


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