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A strange extrasolar planet destroys astronomical theories


Many users of the social network «Facebook», reviewed by the British newspaper «Independent» about the discovery of Spanish astronomers of a strange planet, previously believed that the existence of such a rule is impossible.

The planet, called "GJ 3512b", is almost as big as Jupiter.

The strange fact about this planet is that it orbits a small red dwarf star, about one-tenth the size of the sun, and scientists believed that such a small star could only orbit small planets, such as Earth or smaller.

More surprisingly, the planet did not form in the usual natural form of planet formation, which is an evolution from a gaseous state to small solid granules that merge with each other to form the body of a large planet when the newly discovered planet went directly from a gaseous state to a solid state directly, which surprised the team of scientists.

The planet is 30 light-years away from Earth, and about 4,000 planets have been discovered outside the solar system.

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