Monday , January 25 2021

After the prophecy of Prince Hisham Al-Alawi: Will Biden’s success revive the project of “democratization” of the Arab world?

Muhammad Al-Jumaili

Although Biden has denied that his administration was the third version of the Obama era, some people do not confuse him with any doubt that the Democrat president, who struggled to win the presidency from Trump, will continue his plan to democratize the Arab world, the so-called Arab Spring, and give it a new spirit.

An occasion to enliven this debate is the statement by Prince Hisham Al-Alawi on the Democrats’ arrival at the White House, in which he said that “the United States of America is to revive a new spirit in the Arab Spring Revolutions” (Hespress), and the man’s words are not joking and is an expert in government corridors. In Uncle Sam’s country, he also foresaw the arrival of these gifts ahead of their time, and in this section many articles were published before and after the falsely named Arab Spring.

The question in this context is: has it become realistic to bet on the second wave of the Arab Spring, or will the Arab monarchies allow the return of the earthquake to the Arab region that hit the first wave of its republics? Was it the official Arab springboard system and what was with it? Reply As for the rights and the tightening of the grip in the later pandemic under emergency rules, did it save him from popular gifts, or did it create and perpetuate a state of rejection and discord between nations and regimes?

But this saying – the saying of the researcher – is not shared by many experts and researchers for the following reasons:

1- The magnitude of the damage and chaos caused by Trump, which will continue to the “handover” date, will change priorities.

2- Qatar-Turkish project at the end of the Trump era is no longer accepted in the West, and Biden’s statements against Erdogan point to the end of the Brotherhood’s spring season.

3- Experts believe the Middle East region is no longer on the US agenda, without neglecting the role of the emerging poles.

4- The nature of the alliances that some Gulf states have woven together with the fall of the Trump Star, and the linking of their relationship to the Zionist existence, will immunize it (or at least it is believed) from all the wild fluctuations that could affect the Arab region.

5- On the other hand, regimes that have adopted an iron fist will face a difficult reality and perhaps decisive action from the democratic administration (Biden’s statements on the Khashoggi), the Yemeni acts and human rights in many countries …

In conclusion, while some are not calling for much optimism about Israel’s important role in immunizing moderate nations from the deadly evil that will fall upon regime remnants in a raging sea of ​​chaos, it is likely that the Biden administration will not pursue a violent wave of unrest in the foreseeable future as some imagine on the other hand. The regimes that emerged in their ugly reality under Trump will not continue their bad policies and will try to look more moderate.

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