Friday , December 4 2020

Link to the entrance to the Saudi Educational Platform to follow all lessons in each stage of education

The Madrasati education platform is considered to be the Madrasati platform that allowed the best and most powerful educational platforms to be launched in the recent period to remotely complete the study in light of the consequences of limiting the spread of the new Corona virus, as well as the use of a developed and modern education system in the Kingdom, such as is distance education that has been extremely successful. As students rely on the Madrasati platform to follow the lessons provided for them in curricula at all levels of education, which were able to reach students with information in a very easy and simplified way, we will now provide a link in the following lines to enter the Saudi school’s educational platform .

Link to my school platform

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education has decided to start the current school year online during the first weeks of the first semester in order to protect students from the risk of contracting the emerging corona virus, which has provided them with a complete and simple explanation of the curricula prescribed for them by the most distinguished teachers, including The ministry trained them. The most complete face to enable them to provide information to students in a correct and simple way.

How to enter the Madrasati learning platform

All students at different educational stages should log into the My School platform which will help them understand the lessons easier and faster, and the login process is very easy thanks to the simple steps:

  • Access the Madrasati learning platform here.
  • Click the registration icon on the platform.
  • Storing the students’ data correctly in the specified location.
  • Click on login password.

Accordingly, we have introduced you to our esteemed Akhbarak supporters how to enter the My School learning platform to follow all lessons for all educational grades.

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