Wednesday , July 28 2021

Majed El Masry: Other sea in writing and direction

The artist, Majid Al Masry, said that the series "Bahr", which is experiencing its first experience in absolute championships, epitomizes the figure of a man from the region, referring to the series consists of 60 episodes and various in the field of writing and direction.

Al Masry added that the series, which is to be presented at the end of this month, sends a message to all the creators of the dramas to present important series in the non-Ramadan seasons, which indicated that there are directors who are afraid of 60-piece works, because they believe that they are boring in writing and direction. Be stressed.

He explained that he personified the character of "Bahr", a man from Upper Egypt, which indicates that the name is not accidental, but it is of great importance, indicating that fear had a lot before shooting at the first scene at work, but after a short time managed to catch It focuses mainly on personality and is still appalled by the public opinion of the character after its presentation.

Al-Masry said the show sings in a different place than any previous work that was presented earlier, and contains the message: "What if the sea carries a secret of secrets and objects in nature?"

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