Monday , September 21 2020
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Apple Screen: Apple has removed 17 applications from the App Store after it turned out to be a serious threat to users' phones.

Information security researchers note that applications recently removed by Apple infected users' phones with a "virus" Trojan, which in turn causes serious problems on phones and allows the downloading of unwanted ads and the opening of websites and links to suspicious electronic links.

Experts have not been able to count the approximate number of people affected by these applications, but they are expected to have affected more than one million iOS phones worldwide and have reached versions running on Android devices on over 1.09 million devices.

An Apple spokesman said the applications were removed because they contain code that allows artificial clicks on ads, which is in violation of Apple's guidelines, adding that the company is closely monitoring its online store to protect its customers and identify applications that may try to deceive users.

All 17 infected applications have been published in the Apple App Store by the same developer, AppAspect, based in India, and the publisher has a Google Play developer account with 28 published applications.

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