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Riyal prices in banks and the black market

The price of the Saudi Riyal has risen in most banks, and the highest price for purchasing the Saudi Riyal in Egyptian banks was around 4.35 pounds at the Egyptian bank and around EGP 4.36 as the lowest price for sale in Banque Du Caire and others.

The price of rice in Egyptian banks ranges from LE 4.27 to LE 4.35, because the difference between the banks is very small and does not exceed three piasts from one bank to another.

The latest prices of the Saudi rite in relation to the Egyptian pound through continuous follow-up on the "Egypt 365" page, where we offer the price of the Saudi rite during today's transactions with pound in Egyptian banks and on the black market, you can see the difference in the prices of Saudi rice in relation to the Egyptian pound in banks.

The price of the Saudi riyal today

4.35 Bookstore

purchase price

Bank of Egypt The best bank you can buy from a Saudi riyal at a price

4.36 Bookstore

selling price

The rite price in banks today

Riala price now

Bankpurchase priceselling price
Egypt-Iran development4.31304.3710
Bank of the Gulf of Egypt4.34504.3650
National Bank4.32004.3590
Bank-Al Baraka4.26704.3980
Arab African Bank4.31004.3610
central bank4.33404.3680
Crédit Agricole4.31604.3640
Bank for Reconstruction and Housing4.26904.3680
United Bank4.30504.3600
International commercial bank4.31804.3620
Mashreq Bank4.32104.3670
Bank return4.33704.3640
Development of imports from Egypt4.32204.3640

As for the price of the Saudi rial in Black market Has a record 4.32 EGP 434 for sale.

NOTE: You can track automatic updates of any change in the location of the bank via Misr365.Net. To access Google, enter – Rial Price 365 . You can also track all prices through the Bakkam app in Egypt on Google Play – and we will be able to view prices always ^ _ ^, Thank you for your trust.

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Price of Saudi Riyal today in Egypt

For example, if a bank needs a Saudi rial to raise the purchase price, to attract those who want to change the rial in another currency or Egyptian pound, and if it does not need, the rial lowers the purchase price and raises the selling price while committing to the value of the base currency.

We discuss with you the latest events regarding the price of the Saudi rite in relation to the Egyptian pound in Egypt, based on announced prices and the rice exchange rate at all Egyptian banks, as well as on the black market. Behind this is the journey of many citizens to make there Umrah, and go to Saudi Arabia, where Egypt is the largest number of countries in terms of the number of pilgrims and Umrah each year, because there is a large Egyptian community working in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest foreign communities in Saudi Arabia, they all regret Wen on a daily basis and with great interest Saudi Riyal in Egyptian banks and the black market, especially Saudi Riyal against the Egyptian pound.

Reasons why Egyptians are interested in following the Saudi price

Many Egyptians are interested in the Saudi Riyal course every day and perhaps one of the most important reasons why Egyptians should pay attention to the course of the Saudi Riyal daily in Egyptian banks, the attention of the Egyptians during the hajj and umrah rituals, where the Egyptians before traveling to the Kingdom The "pound" of the Egyptian currency refers to the "currency" of the Saudi rial before traveling.

The need of Egyptians to buy Saudi rituals before traveling to perform the Hajj or Umrah rituals before traveling to the Holy Land, and the current period is one of the largest periods of demand for Saudi ritual, so the ritual policy in Egypt is influenced by supply and demand policy.

It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Riyal was first issued in 1741, because the Saudi currency was created during this period of metal, and in 1953 the first Saudi paper currency was issued, which belonged to 10 rials and known for this currency. Hajj receipts were printed, and many Saudi rials were printed in many categories during the reign of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

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