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Samsung is working on the Galaxy Note at a reasonable price

This year, the Samsung Galaxy Note offer has become larger than usual with the introduction of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10, but the Korean company seems to be working on adding a new member in the future.

According to SamMobile, an upcoming Samsung phone with the code name SM-N770F was noticed, which seems somewhat familiar if we look at the company's naming system.

Apparently, the letter N in this code name indicates that this device belongs to the Galaxy Note group, but all Galaxy Note flagship phones have symbolic names N9xx.

Returning to 2014, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo was launched with the code name N7xx or SM-N750. Therefore, it is likely that SM-N770 is the successor of this device, but not directly.

This device was one of the cheap devices introduced by the company, so it is expected that this new device will also be at a reasonable price and much lower than the Galaxy Note10. It is also likely that the phone contains the S Pen, and this considering that it belongs to the Galaxy Note collection.

For now, the only constant information is that the new SM-N770 will be equipped with 128 GB of internal memory.



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