Study: Energy drinks and their effect on the arteries


Although there are many who support energy drinks and find them beneficial to health, there are studies that refute and consider them harmful to the body, and this study confirms this and combines with energy drinks to drink harmful to the health of vessels and arteries.

Energy drinks and their effect on the arteries:

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – One study of the side effects of energy drinks on the arteries and veins has shown that eating one packet of all kinds of energy drink damages blood vessels.

It is reported that one-third of teenagers in the United States (12-17 years) consume energy drinks, and the majority of consumers of these beverages belong to the age group of 18 to 34 years.

Research details:

According to the study, an experiment was conducted in which healthy non-smokers aged 20-44 were asked to drink an energy drink and undergo a test that measured the duration of blood flow in the arteries.

After the test 90 minutes after drinking the drink, the effect on blood flow was negative from 5.1 to 2.8!

According to the results of the research presented at the American Heart Association, eating two servings of energy drinks daily harms the health of the heart.


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