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Anne-Sophie Roquette, the voice of LOSC for 30 years, stops: she tells her 5 most beautiful memories

She spent 30 seasons on the edge of the LOSC field. 30 seasons to create a mood in the stadium, to animate games, to announce the names of scorers and reserve players … To heat the stadium: "Buuut for the LOSC !!!664 Games as spokeswoman for the LOSC Anne-Sophie Roquette knew 10 different presidents, 22 coaches, 5 stadiums and has stored boxes of reminders: she was asked to vote 5.

1989: the very first game as a speaker

"I do not remember this first match at all. I started when I was 26 years old. The former speaker died in December 1989. I arrived at that time. I remember trying, but I really do not remember the first one at the Grimonprez Jooris Stadium. Psychologically, it can happen that a black hole occurs when you apply too much pressure."

LOSC: Report on the 2003 widespread Announcer Anne-Sophie Roquette

LOSC: Report on the 2011 widespread announcer Anne-Sophie Roquette

1997: the descent into the Ligue 2

"There was an invasion of the country that day. I had expected the worst. But he was a pacifist. The supporters came to welcome the work of Bernard Lecomte (Editor's note: the President of the time). But it's never easy to handle. I represent the voice of the club, but I support them in the first place. You have to be careful. In such a match you have to be sad. You can not feel it on the microphone. I have to say "let's hope". If you go down in Ligue 2, it's hard. You can not say what you think. But people have heard the sound of my voice I was struggling with … Looking back, we know this passage in Ligue 2 was good for the club."

Lille / Le Havre (2-2), May 17, 1997

2001: Monaco-Lille, 3rd Ligue 1 LOSC

"The Monaco-Lille was incredible. They ended the Champions League while we were in Ligue 2 a year ago. That day I was on the grandstand of the stadium Louis II. I had made the trip with the VIPs. It was the first time the club got me on the street. Champagne, private plane … I sat not far from Presidents Dayan and Graille. It was great. It shaped me."

Monaco-Lille (1-2), May 19, 2001

2001: LOSC-Parma, finally the European Cup

"We won 2-0 there, but there were 15,000 fans in Grimonprez-Jooris for the second leg, but it looks like it's 45,000 people, this is my first cup match." Europe: In a photo I kept 'I have my yellow UEFA badge, my face is closed, I'm focused, this generation is my favorite: Cabaye, Debuchy, Dumont …'

Lille / Parma (0: 1), 22nd August 2001, end of game

2011: That doubled

"How can one not mention that double? At the moment we are jostling for Lyon and we pass by. It was great. The club offered to stand with the players at the top of the bus. I was told, "This title is yours too."

Zapping special "champions"

BONUS: May 18, 2019, the last game

"It's going to be a special match this Saturday night, I think there will be surprises, I'll cry all the tears in my body, but I've decided to quit, I'll enjoy the time, I spent my time, 30 seasons are good, At the time when I was a curious beast, a spokeswoman for a football club, it's time again. I'm proud of that. "

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