CRRH-UEMOA issues the release of the 8th bond


the Regional Fund for Mortgage Financing (CRRH-UEMOA), questions on the regional financial market, its 8th bond loan through public bidding.

The feature of this operation is to issue it 2 slice, according to the following denominations: "CRRH-UEMOA 5.95% 2018-2030" because 25 billion FCFA and"CRRH-UEMOA 6.05% 2018-2033" because 5 billion FCFA.

From the total indicative amount 30 billion FCFA, CRRH-UEMOA has reported the loan proceeds in the refinancing operations of seven (7) shareholder banks in their refinancing operations prior to their needs and whose documents were examined and approved by the Commission on 28 September 2018.

the subscriptions the operation lasts until November 30, 2018 and are open to any investor, institutional and natural person who is residing or not in the WAEMU area. CRRH-UEMOA will be rated "AA +" in the long run on a regional scale with Perspective stable.


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