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The mobilization and sponsorship pole of candidate Macky Sall as part of the expansion of the head of state's report continued this weekend with the launch of the "Platform Diisoo". The opportunity was used by former Prime Minister Aminata "Mimi" Toure to scrape the Senegalese opposition.

If the opposition has a program, it comes up for debate. That it brings their leaders in the discipline, so that you can enlighten the Senegalese lantern. These are the statements made on Saturday, November 3, 2018, in the Press House (Dakar) by former Prime Minister Aminata "Mimi" Touré at the launch of "Diisoo Platform," a unit that brings together leaders. the intellectuals, supporters of the great presidential coalition, and anyone interested in the protocol of the President of the Republic Macky Sall. Because, she says, "we tend to blossom on false news, people who talk about issues that they do not control, or who are willing to distort reality." What is the purpose of the Diisoo platform? That's the sense of discussion , the peaceful confrontation of ideas so that the Senegalese can judge the important balance of the head of state. The latter, tired of hearing false information against their mentor, urged Senegalese to hold objective debates. "There has to be an objective debate in this country," she said. Before the insistence: "Digit against counterfeit figure And we said it The opposition will be invited in all future conferences to discuss with us the balance of the President of the Republic He had to list comprehensible numbers, which were validated by the Senegalese For this purpose, the presidential coalition has won all the elections that have taken place in Senegal since 2012. It is no coincidence that "the Senegalese see the excellent record of the head of state with a good eye." This lady, some call the "Iron Lady", said that conferences are organized across the country on issues such as agriculture, health, education, mining, infrastructure, employment of youth, women, the social policies of the head of state, diplomacy that will interest the population, so that the debate in this country is objective In addition, according to Mimi Touré, Senegalese will live in the regions in the capitals of the D epartements appointed to continue these discussions until the presidential elections for the Senegalese are established.
During the opening conference, Prof. Souleymane Astou Diagne spoke objectively about Senegal.


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