Tuesday , January 26 2021

Mathieu and Alexandre (love is in the meadow): The couple on vacation with the ex of the breeder

Like Jérôme and Lucile, Mathieu was on cloud nine thanks Alexandre (24 years old), a training driver in a racing team. From their meeting at speed dating it was evident between the two candidates from Love is in the time before 2020. Even if he got Johnny to come to his house, the 44-year-old Camargue bull breeder quickly realized that he was right and that his heart only beat for the youngest of him. Candidate. He therefore informed the school teacher of his choice, who therefore returned home. And he woke up with a smile on his face, as we saw in the November 23 episode.

When Alexandre and Mathieu officially spent their first night as a couple, the farmer did not fail to give him a kiss to wake him up. Happy to finally share his apartment with a lover, him asked if he didn’t want to stay by his side a little longer. The So she suggested going on vacation with her best friend (who is also her ex!). and he. A suggestion from the beautiful brownwhen he should return to work. “”I was surprised that he immediately said yes. It’s getting darker! He makes the decision and then makes it“said the farmer happily. For his part, Alexandre – Who stop continuing his romance – revealed that he was in love.

Vacation like no other for Mathieu and Alexandre

It’s happier than ever that they are romantic camping trips on a secluded beach. On the program: beautiful sunset, kisses and nice explanations. Then they went back to their tent for a while without the cameras. “”It was brilliant and lived up to my expectations. I knew it would be fine that first night. In the middle of nowhere too“Confided the friend of Jeanfi Janssens the next day. The duo then met with Alexander’s grandmother and his father’s companion for an official presentation. And everything went well, to the delight of the lovers.

The next day towards Marseillan for the famous holidays with Stéphan, Mathieu’s best friend (and ex for five years!). During the snack Mathieu and his ex-boyfriend quickly made it clear that nothing was happening between them and that Alexander had nothing to fear. He relaxed and shared a yoga session and a good massage with his husband. Alexander then announced that he may have found a new job not far from his Prince Charming.. “”I am very calm. Why drive slowly when we can keep our pace?“Mathieu said after hearing the news.

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