Moustapha Ka "worked hard to strengthen national unity" (former colleagues)


Dakar, November 3 (APS) – Cultural initiatives under the Moustapha Ka played a role in strengthening national unity, according to former late Minister of Culture, former President Abdou Diouf.

Moustapha Ka died Saturday morning at the Dakar Main Hospital, according to Radio Futures Media (RFM, Private).

"Its cultural initiatives are the founding elements of the Senegalese nation by strengthening solidarity," said Robert Sagna, in the interview with APS, several times under the regime of Diouf's regime under the regime's leadership, Abdoulaye Wade, leader of the Senegal Democratic Party (PDS) in March 2000.

"He tried to incorporate culture from the bottom to the bottom when the Daniel Sorano Theater was primarily in Senegal's cultural expression, and Moustapha Ka tried to decentralize the culture," said Mayor of the City. Ziguinchor (south).

The former Minister of Culture has worked hard to establish cultural centers at regional level, emphasized Robert Sagna, stressing that he "fought hard for culture as a diversity foundation".

He said he remembers the efforts of the former minister to "strengthen the national multicultural culture that the rest of Senegal knows the term everywhere".

"He has also fought a lot in public service media, including national radio and television, to recognize and disseminate the regional cultural expression that everyone knows that Senegal is a peaceful country where citizens can make a cultural contribution," he said.

"He was always very committed, honest and loyal and mentally competent. When he was in the Ministry of Culture, it was a pleasure to hear and hear, as a good activist of memories and as a colleague of the governments of President Abdou Diouf," he still testified.

He expressed the admiration and respect "Moustapha Ka" with whom the Socialist Party was a member of the Rassemblement pour socialisme et la democratie (RSD-TDS), the founding member of the Socialist Party.

"Good man, a great intelligence man, great simplicity and loyalty," he testified, adding that "he was very organized and very polite and respected his colleagues and citizens."

"We have never heard of raising his voice against anyone, as an honorary man and a patriot," he said, expressing condolences to his family, former President Abdou Diouf and current President Macky Sal.

Abdoulaye Makhtar Diop, a former youth and sport minister, recalled that he joined the government in April 1988, just like Moustapha Kâ, while leaving the Presidential Chief of Staff. Abdou Diouf, adding that he was the first cultural consultant.

He has done a tremendous job with the support of the Douta Seck Cultural House, the Dakar Blaise Senghor Cultural Center and film festivals, such as Rencontres Cinématographiques de Dakar (RECIDAK), Annette Mbaye as Erneville journalist. He also talked about contributing to the rehabilitation of Thiès producers and the construction of the Gorée memorial.

"Moustapha Kâ is a very broad-minded man, a brilliant and extremely serious, very balanced and very posterist, very intellectually integrative," said Diop, the Presidential National Assembly.

Moustapha Ka fought in the Socialist Party, where he was a member of Passy's political office and mayor (Fatick, Center) for a long time. It has several books, including the & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Mirador, between poetry and thinking.


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