Friday , December 4 2020

Nice attack: the nice tribute from Nicolas Bedos after the attack

As they prepare for a general recruitment, as announced by Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday October 28th, the French were devastated to learn that the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption basilica was in a popular neighborhood Nice done this was the theater from a knife attack At around 9 a.m. on Thursday, October 29, three dead and several people were injured. While Jean Castex was able to speak to the National Assembly about this new attack, it is on his Instagram account Nicolas Bedos has decided to pay tribute to the city of Alpes-Maritimes that has already been targeted an attack on July 14, 2016.

“”Beautiful our beloved city, petrified again, beheaded“writes Guy Bedos’ son, “We don’t want any more emotions: this word has been overused. We don’t want a minute’s silence or pretty photos on social media.“” Nicolas Bedos therefore calls to “Noise, [aux] Measures of imagination, [au] fierce fight. Legally, politically, philosophically.“And to continue:”Terrorism in the Name of Islam is a deadly virus. It is spreading before our eyes, threatening, and in our lives Iattack our freedom.“A statement that did not leave his community indifferent. In the thread of the comments, many Internet users joined him in his thoughts the city of Nice and the victims of this attack, which undoubtedly revived painful memories for the actor and director.

Nice, a symbolic city for Nicolas Bedos

Indeed, Nicolas Bedos has a great affection for the city of Nice, where he was able to rise his first piece, Stage exitin which his father played in 2004. Associated with the city, which reminds him of his beginnings as an author, he often returns there. So much so that when Nice was targeted by the July 14, 2016 attack, the ex-companion of Doria Tillier was expressed with as much emotion as on Thursday October 29th. He had published three poignant texts on his Facebook account.

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