Raymond Chow, the death of Bruce Lee's producer


He was born on October 8, 1927 in Hong Kong, Raymond Chow founded Golden Harvest Studios in 1971, which filmed over 170 films in the IMDB film industry, including actor Jackie Chan.

From 1971 he worked with Bruce Lee on "The Big Boss", a global hit folder that launches the martial arts career.

Raymond Chow made two of Bruce Lee's best-known films: "The Dragon Fury" (1972) and Operation Dragon (1973), the first film that combines a studio from Hong Kong and Hollywood.

"Thank Raymond for giving a young Bruce Lee a chance and helping him realize his dream, rest in peace, Raymond," said Shannon Lee, who jointly handles the official bill. from his father.

The producer also enjoyed the success of Jackie Chan, working with him in "The Chinese" in 1980.


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