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Rejection of his stopper: Khalifa loses his final

The President of the Republic has no legal restrictions if he wants to forgive Khalifa Sall. The Supreme Court has paved the way for him by rejecting the last resort of the former mayor of Dakar.

His hesitant voice was not a good sign for Khalifa Sall's followers. The first president of the Supreme Court yesterday rejected the three arrest warrants formulated by Khalifa Sall, Yaya Bodian and the city of Dakar. A decision marking the end of a more than two-year political-justice soap opera. "You know very well that the law was not said from the beginning to the end of this affair," said an angry Khalif angrily, under the surprisingly indifferent gaze of the gendarmes. While the room is being emptied by its occupants, the judge Mamadou Badio Camara, in a concert of disapproval sounds, states that the verdict is pronounced to the parties concerned within a month. Dismissed, Me Borso Pouye, the only defense attorney present, leaves the room without reaction. Soham El Wardini imitates him without flinching.
The lawyers of Khalifa Sall have taken care not to appeal to the ECOWAS Court. Is it to prepare the ground for a presidential pardon? At the opening of the National Dialogue on May 28 at the Palace of the Republic, Macky Sall reminded, among others, that Soham El Wardini, Idrissa Diallo (present at the Supreme Court) and Cheikh Guèye that the stopper flap was being introduced did not allow him to forgive Khalifa Sall. Since the trial is permanently depleted at national level, the President of the Republic has been able to release the former jailer of Ousmane Tanor Dieng since 7 March 2017.
Khalifa Sall is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for "public money fraud, counterfeiting and use of falsification in administrative documents and complicity in trade counterfeiting" with Dakar City covering CFA1.8 billion.

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