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The American actress confirms her relationship with a presidential candidate

Initial release:

Washington (AFP)

The rumor has been going on for weeks in the United States, confirmed actress Rosario Dawson on Thursday: She has a good love affair with Senator Cory Booker, one of the (many) Democratic presidential candidates of 2020.

It is in an airport of the federal capital Washington that a journalist of the website specializes in information "people". TMZ asked him the question: Is she the girlfriend of Cory Booker, whose alleged celibacy had some people chatting?

"Yes" and "so far it's going really well," she answered with a smile.

"I am so happy to be with someone whom I respect, whom I love and admire so much, he is smart, good and takes care of others," said the 39-year-old actress. Known for his roles in "Sin City" by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and "Death Proof" ("Death Boulevard") by Quentin Tarantino.

Is a wedding on the horizon? "I have no idea," said the engaged actress, still laughing.

Cory Booker, a charismatic and medieval black senator, announced his candidacy on February 1, preaching the rally in a divided America. The 49-year-old talented spokesman for the former mayor of Newark, New Jersey, was represented in the presidential election for years.

Mr. Booker was very discreet about his private life and had some comments on the subject, with the vast majority of presidential candidates generally married to children.

In February, a radio presenter asked him directly the question and referred to "people who might feel that your celibacy might affect your chances."

Cory Booker responded that she had "a girlfriend," "a remarkable person," but she did not reveal her identity.

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