Thieves form a law under Magal


The massive departure of the Tajbou in Touba, according to the demands of Grand Magal Mourides, celebrated on 28 October, was a blessing to Louga for the thieves who took the opportunity to take the law. Unexpected wounding, according to Lougawebnews.

This is the case at the extraordinary event in the Marbati district, near Canadian Canadians. The Lam family has been plundered by a shopkeeper of 4 million CFA francs. The unusual: the twilight was raised to a pole that looks at the enclosed home. The investigation will be opened after the complaint has been submitted (…)

In the same perspective, 6 farmed sheep were transported to another house in the large Guinaw district (southern Serigne Louga). The compulsions are committed on Magal's night. An old lady and some kids said she was in the compound. The absence of animals was only observed the next morning.

Fact 3: A featured video identified the still-running mountain-less less fortunate thieves. The report will sooner or later capture and recover the laptops and other effects they have stolen.

All these packages should be more vigilant for the following candidates to leave these ceremonies.


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